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News Update

4th November 2023

The last remaining pre-orders of BLAG V4N1, books and clothes are currently being processed. We anticipate these will be completed for shipping during November or correspond to dates listed on product pages.

We sincerely apologise for the unexpected delay and that production has taken longer than anticipated. Sally and Sarah were taken seriously ill in August and sadly weren’t available to assist with customers orders as quickly as planned. Sarah has also undergone some emergency surgeries due to repercussions of the bikes accident. They were both able to slowly start some work again recently.

We’ll follow-up with tracking if this option was purchased and very much appreciate everyone’s patience.

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch with well wishes too. Sally and Sarah will read your emails as soon as possible and be in touch to any that require a reply, thanks again for your understanding, they really appreciate it.

This will be the final round of magazines and books handled directly by Sarah and Sally, as they recover, their focus will be back to content creation.

Moving forward, Vol.4 Nø 2 marks the official relaunch of BLAG magazine with Sally and Sarah back in the creative driving seat. 

The title will be printed and distributed by new teams.

You can place pre-orders and orders directly on the site and these will be passed through to the new team who will manage fulfilment and shipping on Sarah and Sally’s behalf.

For anyone ordering books and back issues from today onwards, these will also be managed by the new team. For any orders already placed, Sally and Sarah will complete these for you as per the timeframes detailed above.

Thanks again for everyone’s support during what has been a completely unexpected and traumatic time. Sally and Sarah are determined to get back to top form as quickly as humanly possible.