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Welcome to the BLAG shop. It’s our pleasure to have you here today.

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Anxiety Ends Here.

A new story by Sarah J. Edwards, coming in 2023. Shop the limited edition collection now featuring luxury clothing, bags and accessories designed by Sarah and inspired by the story. 

Ever wanted to read about how someone sheds anxiety and that ever doubting voice in their head?

Austin Sinclair, a morally sound tech whiz neuroscientist — with aching anxiety, has been pawned into trialling a pre-release kit of Daily Data by his new boss Brett Bridges.

Daily Data, is the worlds most accurate lifestyle app: which everyone will wear, or in-fact it’ll wear them via stylish jewellery, sleek ear buds, data tattoos and microchipped teeth.

It promises to keep users lives entirely on track: Relationships? All taken care of. Nutrition? Organised to the microgram. Therapy? Never book a session again, 24/7 access. Fitness? Fine tuned. Sleep? Easy.

In fact, Daily Data is so thorough, it leaves very little room for the competition.

Austin thought he’d sold Bridges his meditation, dream analysis and sleep app in return for a laidback Californian lifestyle and access to his own a high tech research lab.

The first morning Austin is wired into Daily Data, he takes his usual drive along Pacific Coast Highway to work. Everything is wonderful, until he gets dramatically kidnapped by a team of secret world security agents. Across the next seven days, Austin becomes their asset and his life changes forever.

Superhighway addresses anxiety and algorithmic information overload.