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Pharrell Williams by Sarah J. Edwards

2000: Pharrell Williams on World Peace

Taken from the BLAG book 'Hip Hop'

Sally: How can we reverse the negativity to create a positive change?

Pharrell: "Among humans, we just should love each other more. I mean, in another interview we talk about abolishing guns, period. Unless it’s for hunting or whatever – even then there are other things you could use, like rubber pellets. They could invent something.

"If they want to stop killing people, they can stop killing people. But the steel it takes to make the gun is good for the corporations, you know, they gotta make the green paper that we’ve placed the popular value on: money. It’s supposed to be reinforced by gold and silver and someone’s treasury that we know is not there. When man wants to stop playing games, he’ll stop playing games. Other than that, we’ll just keep making songs to encourage them."

Read the whole interview in the BLAG book 'Hip Hop'

Photography by Sarah J. Edwards

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