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Art by Dalek

2018: Career Moves With Dalek

Taken from the BLAG book 'Art'

You studied political science with a view to going into politics or the C.I.A, then switched to psychology, you were fascinated by human behaviour and ultimately shifted to sociology and anthropology. What a story! Can you tell us more, please?

“Yes, human culture and behaviour are fascinating to me. I know I’m part of it, but I can also view it real clearly as an outsider. There is nothing more interesting than human behaviour, it’s so complex, layered and the bandwidth of its capabilities are unlike anything else I can fathom.

It splits, evolves and collapses on itself, fragments, fractures and heals, all at the same time. Completely contradictory at every stretch, in every word and action. Now we are being reduced to data measures for those that wish to control and manipulate the others, just endlessly fascinating!”

I’m really interested to learn more about how on Earth you switched so many subjects, what influences you took from your studies and earlier ambitions that one may not obviously associate with art and which ones you disregarded?

“Like everything else, I just kind of rolled where things took me, they were all very interrelated. CIA, psychology, sociology, art. I always feel like whatever I’ve been interested in just connects back to the larger picture of who I am and what drives me. I don’t bother with the base stuff, just more interested in the deeper complexities of all the mechanisms.”

Continue reading the whole story in the BLAG book 'Art'

Art by Dalek

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