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If you pre-ordered Vol.4 No 1, HIP HOP, ART Books, get updates here

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BLAG magazine Vol.4 Nø 1

BLAG magazine Vol.4 Nø 1

Sally and Sarah present BLAG magazine Vol.4 Nø 1: Luxury Coffee Table Editions, for each copy ordered, we have a tree planted. 

Your favourite magazine is making a comeback. Choose from collector’s large hardback or open edition paperback.

Now also available in open edition small paperback or hardback editions too.

Edgar Plans, ATARASHII GAKKO!, JAWNY, Ryan McGinness, Questlove or Daniel Arsham covers.

We’ve all experienced some extremely tough times over the past few years, so Sally and Sarah are creating a companion that inspires and elicits positive emotions. The return of BLAG will again be classy and funny containing culture curated and finely tuned for the discerning readers.

Sally and Sarah will helm the title creating original content along with very special guest contributions in line with each edition’s theme.

The edition will be a neat and tidy medium format to sit proudly on your coffee table.

Vol.4 Nø 1 will be themed: Back To Peace and Love

Intricately designed and art directed by Sally. Edited and published by Sally and Sarah. The edition contains no advertising and is supported by readers alone.

The edition covers music, art and culture bringing back beloved editorials: The A-Z and Ten Essential along with playlist curation, stunning photography and thoughtful writing.

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This item is pre-order and currently in editorial production, shipping will commence late April / early May, due to production facility move to the USA.


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