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BLAG Art Book: Take A Look Inside

BLAG Art Book: Take A Look Inside

From the BLAG Vaults, a selection of important long-form interviews with icons of contemporary art, collated in a luxury coffee table book or paperback. 


Originally published in BLAG magazine over the past two decades.


BLAG was started by Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards as hungry Art School students.

Immersed in creativity, seeking inspirational commentary which marked the times.


Through BLAG, they were fortunate enough to meet, learn from and see up-close some of the world’s finest contemporary artists.


Within these interviews, you’ll find an unusually in-depth insight of the artist’s work ethic, approach, inspiration and minds.




Adam Neate

Alex Trochut


Daniel Arsham

Gavin Turk

José Parlá

Miguel Calderon

Mike Mills

Phil Frost

Rey Parlá

Rob McNally

Ron English

Shepard Fairey


 Visit our Books store and choose from paperback, limited edition B&W cloth bound (300 editions) or deluxe full colour (500 editions).

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