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Adam Neate Art

2007: Adam Neate On The Result Of Generosity

Taken from the BLAG book 'Art'

There are so many artists today and there are so many ways of getting your work out there, but not that many really cross over and get themselves known enough to make that exhibition, or get that dealer looking after them. You’ve got a very unique story in the sense you created a stir by literally leaving your paintings for people to collect for nothing, which is extremely generous. Can you tell us about how this came about, and the story of going from this level to having Elm Lesters representing you?

“Years ago I lived in a town called Ipswich. To pass time I would paint portraits of friends, and friends of friends. When I ran out of people to paint for I had the idea to give my paintings to local charity shops. Each morning I would head out to work with a bag of paintings that I would leave outside a random charity shop. After a few weeks of doing this I was walking home from work only to find a bag of my paintings were still outside a charity shop. On closer inspection I saw they had left them alongside the rubbish. My art was a charity shop reject!

“To try and recover some self dignity I gathered up the paintings and started walking home. Half way to my flat I realised I didn’t really have any room for the paintings, nor did I want them anymore. It was at that moment I decided to leave them in the streets hanging on walls and lampposts. To start with it was kind of surreal and funny to see paintings left like this. A few weeks later I moved to London where I continued to leave paintings in the streets which I am still doing up to this day."

Continue reading the whole story in the BLAG book 'Art'


Art by Adam Neate

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