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Art by Mike Giant


Taken from the BLAG book 'Art'

“I think my graffiti style grew out of my mentors’ influence. I learnt lettering styles from Agree, he was from NYC, and I learnt colours and painting techniques from Doc, who was from Los Angeles. As a result, I think of my style as a hybrid between the styles of both coasts. Lately I’ve been influenced more by the work of writers in Europe.

“My tattoo style definitely has roots in the American tradition. I try to keep the work bold, clean, and high contrast because I think those elements work best for creating a tattoo that will last a lifetime.

“My fine-art style is just a synthesis of the different mediums I work in. Lately I’ve been into doing illustrations and paintings that are like collages of all the different things I draw at work and in my sketchbooks.”

You write, tattoo and publish. What are the differences between each of these art forms, and which do you prefer and why?

“They all work together in my mind. I write graffiti because it’s loose, fun and public. I make tattoos because I like tattoos and I enjoy the challenge. Working in skin is the most difficult medium I’ve tried yet.

“Publishing is just a way for me to get the work to the public. I’ve always thought it important to share my work in gratitude to all the other artists that have shared their work with me.”


Continue reading the whole story in the BLAG book 'Art'

Art by Mike Giant

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