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Chuck D by Sarah J. Edwards

2003: Chuck D on World Peace

Taken from the BLAG book 'Hip Hop'

Sally: What key rules should people follow to create a better world?

Chuck D: Break the language barriers either by everyone learning one world language, or by working towards people speaking a variety of languages.

Sally: How would you ideally like to see our generation, and those in the future, working towards peace?

Chuck D: To truly work at the elimination of national borders on earth – the earth should give access to all, right? As it does to the birds, who’s passports are their wings.

Sally: When and where do you feel most peaceful?

Chuck D: When driving.

Sally: Describe a genuine person.

Chuck D: One with peace, knowledge and understanding of self.

Read the whole interview in the BLAG book 'Hip Hop'

Photography by Sarah J. Edwards

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