Tell MGMT To Be Cheeky and This Happens

April 01, 2021

Tell MGMT To Be Cheeky and This Happens - BLAG
Way back when cult favourite, Kids was one of the freshest tracks blasting from any car, home, store and probably car wash to supermarket, MGMT met Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards for a quick photoshoot. The conversation involved some priming to get their cheeky on for our hilarious interview.  The original story was first published in BLAG Vol. 2 Nø 10 print edition in 2008
Interview by Sally A. Edwards | Photography by Sarah J. Edwards
We meet MGMT the afternoon after one of their shows. Two words to describe the duo, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWynGarden immediately are: shy and cute.
They pose for Sarah as directed. Ben giggles. They swop places and Andrew giggles. It must be that particular spot. At the end of the shoot – which was done in record timing, Sarah tells them, “Sally’s writing your questions, so feel free to be as cheeky as you like.” They look at me and say, “Oh, we’re good at being cheeky. We like that.”
Please introduce yourselves, including your names, ages, occupations and tell us the first thing that comes to your head to describe your current moods.
“I am Andrew a.k.a. Edgar Books a.k.a. Debbie Awsumb. A pro-fessional musician, aged 25 years. Currently I feel like a lion seed adrift on the current, heading toward an island. Not floundering! Somewhere slightly below the surface.”
“I am Ben a.k.a. ‘band asshole’. I am a Sagittarius aged 25 years. My preoccupation is music, most of the time. I feel like going on a rad vacation.”
Ben, please tell us how you met Andrew. What your first impression was of him? “I don’t remember meeting Andrew, but one or the other of us was probably in a tree when it happened. I thought he looked like a hippy.”
Andrew, please tell us your first impression of Ben and how – in a nutshell – you got to where you are today. “I remember liking Ben’s black-framed glasses and that we were both wearing heavily worn Birkenstocks (Milano). We bonded over a shared love of outrageous alien synthesizer noises and we started making music that incorporated these and the feelings inherent in these sounds. This basically meant our first shows were very short, very noisy and involved a lot of flailing around on the ground.”
Please each choose your personal favourite track from the album and describe it. Tell us a little anecdote about the making of it too. Andrew: “My Favorite track is probably Weekend Wars. I remember writing the chorus together and thinking the melody was really nice. The second verse was inspired musically by a Dennis Wilson song called Sound of Free.”
Ben: “My favorite track is Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters because the fast guitar freak-out section reminded me of the chase scene from Walt Disney’s Robin Hood.”
You call your music “future 70’s”. With the landscape of music and media changing so much these days, if you could take your band in a futuristic direction what would you do? And I’m not talking about the actual music, I’m talking about the presentation and marketing. Inspire us.
“Well, we want to take the band in a futuristic direction by looking to unique marketing strategies of the past. Ideally we would have only real-world, solid real-life types of promotion and...
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The original story was first published in BLAG Vol. 2 Nø 10 print edition in 2008

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